Update on COVID-19 / Corona virus

First things first: Even in this difficult phase ELWA plans and manufactures your plants and equipment. Due to short and almost exclusively local supply chains we are still able to produce on schedule.

Both production and our administration work normally. The measures we have taken to prevent the spread of the virus internally as far as possible are showing their effect. These include:

  • Isolation of production from administration – all physical contact is prevented, communication is exclusively electronic
  • Alternating presence within the individual departments + individual offices
  • Extension of home office work to all critical functions in the administration, as far as technically possible

The primary objective is the health of all employees and the safeguarding of business processes for and with our suppliers and customers.

We have been informed by some of our suppliers that delivery bottlenecks may occur. In order to prevent this, we have already ordered the parts required for current orders in advance to ensure on-time delivery. Additionally we are in close and constant contact with our suppliers in order to be able to identify and absorb any delays at an early stage.

For new orders we order immediately or, if necessary, we also search for technical alternatives to be able to fulfil your equipment requirements.

If you have specific questions regarding one of your orders please contact us at [email protected]

We wish you a good journey through this extraordinary phase – stay healthy!